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What sorts of summertime eye injuries of your children's can a parent handle, and when is it time to see a doctor?

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  • Jonathan griffin


    Tears will naturally clear up eyes that are irritated from chlorinated water or dust particles. But if suntan lotion, a small insect or grains of sand get into a child's eye, parents will need to flush them out with plain, warm tap water, lots of it.Take quarts of water and just pour it in. It's not easy, in a child, to get that eye to stay open, but you do the very best you can.If a child still complains of a scratchy feeling after getting sand in the eye-something that might indicate a corneal abrasion-it's important to see an ophthalmologist.Any time a child gets a direct blow to the eye, it's essential that he or she is seen quickly, either by an opthalmologist or a member of a hospital's emergency room staff.
  • Katelyn


    As a mother, I can deeply understand the felling if your baby suffer some eye injuries, eye injuries are not exceptional. Firstly, your children's eyes may be bitten by a mosquito, in this way, there is no effective treatment. You just need to prevent your children from mosquito. Moreover, if your children's eyes are hot, please keep them cool in the summer time and maybe several days, it will be gone. However, if it does not get better, please take him to the doctors'.