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Does red-eye from a picture flash indicate eye problems?

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  • 04/14/2012

    no,it is normal to have red eye when taking picture . When the flashlight shines into your eyes ,the pupil will magnify to let more light in . Then the vessel on retina will form flame in the picture .
  • Nathan


    Usually the red-eye from a picture flash is caused by the camera or the surrounding lights problems, with no relation with the eyes themselves. However, you'd better go to the hospital to check your eyes carefully to find whether they are healthy. If not, you could accept the treatment as soon as possible. Or else, your eye problems may be conceded and delayed for treatment.


    It doesn't indicate any eye problems. Usually it will happen when you take photos in a dark environment. I suggest you choose a bright environment the next time then you won't have red eyes in your pictures. Or you can look at the shoulder of the person when he or she is taking photos for you.
  • cruelladeville0


    If you only find red eyes in your photos while your eyes are actually not red, you don't need to worry about this. But if your eyes are very red and itching, you may need to see an eye doctor immediately. It could be the pink eye which is a kind of eye infection. Sometimes we need to apply for medical treatment but sometimes they will go away by themselves a few days later.
  • Susan Wright


    If you have a mirror at hand, you can look into the mirror to see whether you have red eyes or not. You can't trust the image on the picture because the red eyes may be caused by dark light in the room where you take photos. You can modify the picture so that you won't see red eyes in pictures. But if you can see red eyes in the mirror, you may need to see an eye doctor immediately or at least find out what caused your red eyes. If they were caused by lack of sleep, you will get rid of red eyes after you catch up with enough sleeping. Good luck!

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