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Jackson raphael


How can i prevent the spread of pink eye?

I heard that pink eyes can be spread out. And i was diagnosed with pink eyes yesterday. How can i prevent the spread of pink eye?
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  • Arianna


    If you got pink eyes, you'd better stay at home till your eyes clear up. Besides, you must keep in mind that not share your towels, linens, pillows, and handkerchiefs and more with your families. To help you reduce the spread of pink eyes, you shall remember not touch your eyes with your hands unless you just wash your hands carefully. Besides, if you wear contact lenses, please not shale your contact lens equipment to others.
  • Allison


    Yes, the pink eyes can be spread out by the direct touch or watching between the eyes. So you should not spread it out to your family members. First of all, you should not go out often. Secondly, you should use your towel and things, not mixing with your family members. Last of all, keep on using the eyedrops to release the symptom. In a word, have a good rest and keep distance with other people.
  • Shelby


    When you contact with the patient, you should pay attention to wash your hand for disinfection, and use the chloramphenicol eye drops prophylactic. Before and after swimming, you can drop the antibiotic eye drops, which have the effect of anti-allergic, constriction of blood vessels, itching swelling. Unfortunately, if you have already got the pink eyes, you can treat your pink eyes by rinsing the eyes. Or you had better go to the hospital for examination. And you must treat immediately. After the symptoms have been disappeared completely, do not interrupt, you still need to continue treating about one week to prevent recurrence.
  • Melissa duncan


    Red eye is an infectious conjunctivitis. It is also called as the fulminant fire eye. Based on different situations, it is divided into bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. Among them, the later is more serious. This disease may recur every year, especially in spring and summer. Red eye is infected through one often being in public environment. Therefore, if you want to prevent red eye, there are 3 tips you must follow: First, eliminate the source of infection of red eye. Second, break down of its transmission route. Third, improve your body immunity. During the period of curing your red eye, you ought to try to avoid getting touch with other patients and even their objects in daily life like washcloth, washbasin, etc. Not go to public places like swimming pool, Movie Theater and various kinds of shops. Your individual things must be disinfected. Don't rub eyes with dirty hand. Wash hands diligently and cut nails often. Besides, the antibiotic and antiviral eye drops are necessary. Let your infected red eye exposing in the fresh air so as to they can easily eliminate the secretions, which may help moisturize eye and do contribution to control the reproduction of bacteria and virus. People who got the red eye had better eat the non-fatty foods and abstain from wine. Last, it is indeed not a bad choice to follow the eye doctors' advice and receive their treatment.