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Brittany green


What are the symptoms of snow blindness?

I always feel that my vision become worse when enjoying some snow activities. Is that snow blindness? What are symptoms of snow blindness?
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  • Luke


    Snow blindness is a temporary decrease when you stay in snow especially in sunshine. When you stay in snow, the bright sunlight will reflected from snow surfaces that we call glares. And these glares will cause some people blindness temporarily. Besides, after snow blindness, some people will troubled to distinguish colors of other products.
  • Isabelle duncan


    Snow blindness means the bright sunlight are reflected from snow can cause a temporary eye disorder normally, which would be recovery within one day. However, people who have snow blindness would have problem with identify colors and see everything in red for a long period. It's not easy for you to realize the snow blindness when you have it. But your cornea and conjunctiva become burnt and eyes appear bloodshot, even the tears would be increased. And you would feel foreign objects in your eyes with pain.