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Is it OK to only wear one contact lens in one eye?

I lost one of my contact lenses. So, can i just wear one lens in one of my eyes?
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  • Wendy


    I'm strongly recommending you not to do like that. You will feel dizzy after you only wear one contact in one eye. Once a while, you will feel sick or want to vomit with only one contact, this way will directly lead to fatigue in your eyes. If you have a strong description, the sick feeling will be worse than moderate one. This kind of behavior will damage your eyesight. Why not go to store and buy a new couple of lenses now or even not to wear it until you get a new one.
  • Michelle


    You just have lost one of your contact lens which means that your both eyes are short sighted. If you only have one eye get short-sighted, there is no problem to wear only one contact lens. But you are not, you'd better buy another pair of contact lens. Or else, long time of only wearing one contact lens may cause another one with no lens get worse in the vision because of no correction.
  • John clark


    Exactly, it will not do any damage to your eyes with only one contact lens in one eye. But you should know that when you have wore it for a long time. You may not have three dimensional or binocular visions. Sometimes you could have some symptoms of eye strain and headaches which will make you feel terrible. And you may have one eye which will be dominant and make your vision unbalanced. So in my opinion, you'd better not wear only one contact lens in one eye for a long time.
  • Shahmeerkamran


    Is it ok to wore one eye lense?

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