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Which kind of sunglasses are better for driving, Photochromic sunglasses or polarized sunglasses?

I prepare to buy new prescription sunglasses from the online stores, and i need drive a lot. Someone said the Photochromic sunglasses are good for drivers, but someone said the Polarized lenses are suitable for drivers. Which one is better?
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  • Nathan harris


    It varies in different situation. If you are driving in daytime with bright sunlight, polarized sunglasses are better for you. Because polarized sunglasses can reduce the glare from the road surface and other objects' surface so that drivers' vision won't be affected by the glare. If you drive in low light, you'd better not wear polarized sunglasses. Yellow high definition lenses might help.
  • Christopher dale


    photochromic sunglasses won't change dark when you are in the vehicle because they only change the color when they hit the UV rays. So photochromic sunglasses are not suitable for driving. However, polarized sunglasses can only be helpful for daytime driving in the bright sunlight.
  • Zoe Wang


    In common, as a driver, you shall protect your eyes from intensive sunlight, Also, you shall prevent UV rays and glares from your eyes. So, polarized sunglasses are recommend for driving. If you have poor vision, you are also suggested to buy prescription polarized sunglasses for vision aids and eye shielding.
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