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Michelle percy


Can dry eyes cause occasional migraines?

Every couple of weeks or so I get a migraine. I am wondering it might be associated with my severe dry eye condition. Do you have such problem?
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  • Connor


    Yes. I have the same problem. I get headaches and migraines from dry eyes. The pain is near the eyes and particularly around the driest eye. I think it is because dry eyes cause pressure near the eyes and give me headache.
  • Werner


    Severe dry eyes can cause migraines. You can use some lubricating eye drops to relieve it. But it can't solve the problem completely. You'd better see an doctor and have your eyes checked.
  • Anthony gary


    I also have dry eyes, but I haven't had any headaches from my dry eyes. Maybe your migraines is caused by some other factors. I think you'd better go to see a doctor. He will give you a careful exam to find out the causes and treat your problem.

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