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Caitlin lee


Are all persol sunglasses polarized?

If all persol sunglasses are made with polarized lenses? Because I plan to buy a pair of sunglasses for fishing. And one of my friends recommend me to buy polarized persol sunglasses. Shall i buy polarized one. Is it necessary?
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  • george


    Well, it seems that you are very interested in such designer sunglasses, which would definitely make you appear more attractive and provide you with the best experience. Anyway, you should know, some kinds of their sunglasses are not polarized though their polarized sunglasses are of great quality and design. It is founded in Italy and shares high reputation now. If you want to get rid of those harmful lights or sunshine, you should get yourself a pair of them.
  • handsomestudgw


    No, not all person sunglasses are made with polarized lenses. Your friend suggests you to buy the polarized person when you go fishing to wear. It is right which will protect your eyes from the uv rays and make you see clearly. It is very necessary. In addition, you could also wear this type of sunglasses when you are driving. You could take this into consideration.
  • Samuel hill


    I have to say that not all person sunglasses are made with polarized lenses. The polarized sunglasses are helpful for protecting your eyes from the hard light. Generally speaking, the ordinary sunglasses have no such function. At this moment you need buy a special one. So the polarized sunglasses are good choices for you. You will not miss any hint on the surface of water.