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Dylan duncan


Does honey help blepharitis?

Can honey help people with blepharitis? Any idea?
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  • Marc


    Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids, usually is caused by bacteria. Blepharitis can cause the eyes to be red, itching, swelling and so on. And it can be controlled through proper ways. And some people suggest that apply some honey to the eyelids, and allow the honey stay on the eyelids for 3 hours. Repeat it for several day, you eyes will be much better.
  • Robert murphy


    The answer is absolutely yes, honey can exactly help people with blepharitis more or less. As we know that blephariti is inflammation and it occurs on the part of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow. Because of it, your eyes can eventually become red, irritated and itchy. It is well known that honey has many functions, cellular reproduction ability promotionm, moisturizing and specially for diminishing inflammation. And according to some experts, supplementation with honey could be an effective way to help reduce inflammation caused by blepharitis. Therefore, it is good for you to resort to honey because it is natural and non-toxic. From what I know, it would be wise for you to mix honey and egg white, then apply the liquid on the inflammed part around eyes, which could be effective. Also, you should try to get a healthier diet and some exercises. And you will see the changes soon.
  • Joshua?


    There is no doubt that honey have many advantages and it is considered as healthy food. Honey has strong healing powers and it can diminish inflammation, Honey also have antiseptic effect and honey can enhance human immunity.That is why honey is helpful with blepharitis and it is beneficial to our body.