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Isabel fergus


Are all costa del mar sunglasses polarized?

I plan to buy a pair of costa del mar sunglasses. But i'd like a polarized one. So, are all the costa del mar sunglasses polarized? Or i shall ask special one?
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  • tuener


    No, not all costa del mar sunglasses are polarized. Some of them are just with the special coating part which will protect your eyes from the uv rays in the strong sun lights. If you want to wear the sunglasses in fishing or driving, you'd better choose the one with polarized role which will make you see clearly and protected from the bad lights. You could go to the real store to have a look.
  • Jackson raphael


    All the costa del mar sunglasses are polarized. It is wise for you to choose the polarized sunglasses of costa del mar. Costa del mar is a professional and sophisticated manufacturer of polarized sunglasses which are used in water sports like fishing, sailing and surfing. It offers various products with 52 styles, 8 lenses and 18 frame colors to customers. The materials applied by it in producing sunglasses are CR-39, Glass and polycarbonate. The technology it uses gives different kinds of lenses high durability, clarity and resistance to scratch as well as reliable protection against UVA, UVB and UVC. This is the official website of costa del mar: . I hope you can find your ideal polarized sunglasses.