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What's the non-surgical treatment for cataracts?

I have had cataracts for many years. Many people who have cataracts would choose to have cataract surgery, but I don't want to get cataract surgery. Is there any non-surgical treatment for cataracts?
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  • Vanessa


    Most people who have cataracts would choose cataract surgery to treat cataract. However, there is a non-surgical treatment for cataract. NAC eye drops can help in dissolving cataracts and relieving foggy vision without performing any surgery and experiencing related eye pain.
  • b3l0ng524nna


    The non-surgical treatment for cataract is the NAC eye drops which allow the effect of absorption into both the aqueous and lipid components of the eye. Now some eye doctors recommend to use NAC eye drops rather than invasive eye surgery to treat cataract.