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Is it okay to wear contacts to the beach?

I plan to enjoy my weekend on a beach. Can i wear contact lenses to the beach? Or i need sunglasses?
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  • cecil


    I think you'd better not wear contact lenses, instead, you can try a pair of polarized sunglasses. You know, on a beach, there is always company with a breeze wind. But sometimes, it also bring sands. So, wearing contact lenses won't protect your eyes but hurt your eyes (because the wind may bring sands into your eyes). Besides, wearing polarized sunglasses can also protect your eyes from glares from water surfaces?
  • erraticgothles


    Yes, it is OK to wear contact to the beach, and i think it is more convenient and more beautiful to wear contact lenses than eyeglasses on the beach. However, you need pay attention to clean the lenses well and keep your eyes watery with the eye drops because there is sunshine on the beach. And it is a good idea to have the sunglasses at the same time that will help you to prevent to sand into your eyes. By the way, if you will go swimming, do not forget bringing the diving glasses for protecting your eyes.
  • Cathy


    It is suggested to wear the sunglasses to the beach instead of the contact lenses. Although wearing contact lenses may make you look charming and attractive in your eyes, the strong sunlight on the beach should not be ignored. Thus, you'd better wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV. At the same, you can sit on the chair wearing the sunglasses to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Gabriella rodney


    Yes, it is ok to wear contacts to the beach, there are no problems which you should worry about when wearing contacts to the beach. Because contacts are made of plastics and they are very soft. It will make you feel comfortable. But on the other hand, you should wear sunglasses because they can protect you from UV.