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Carlos rodney


Can contact lenses correct strabismus the same way glasses do?

Can i wear contact lenses to correct my strabismus? Is it the same as i wear eyeglasses?
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  • Kimberly


    No, contact lenses couldn't be the substitute of glasses to treat strabismus. Strabismus is also known as lazy eye that you couldn't see the same object in the same place by both eyes. In other words, one eye has weaker vision than the other one. The prism in the lenses of glasses can change the lenses bend light to pass through the glasses. In other words, the direction of the prism is placed in the glasses to decide the direction of the images that we can see. However, it's not possible for contact lenses to add prism on it to correct the lazy eye. Because of it would make the lenses thicker thus you couldn't wear them in your eyes.
  • taylor


    Until now there is no any contact lenses that have the same effect as the glasses to correct strabismus. So if you want to correct strabismus, you just can use the way of glasses. The way of correcting strabismus with glasses is that cover one of the eye, and corrects the other one with special lens at the same time. And you also can wear contact lenses after you cure the strabismus.
  • eisenstiefel


    The function of contact lenses is to make you wear conveniently. Getting rid of the glasses, the contact lenses may make you look more attractive. At the same time, you can do things in free pace. However, the contact lenses will not help you correct the strabismus. Only the special eyeglasses may give some limited help for you strabismus. In a word, if you have strabismus, you should have the special pair of eyeglasses instead of the contact lenses.