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Why do my eyes water so much while reading?

When i was reading, i found my eyes kept tearing. What caused that? Why did my eyes water so much while reading?
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  • Mya baker


    First, you should make sure if the reading is the cause of your watery eyes, because even if you are reading, there are also many reasons that can cause your eyes become watery. And if your eyes keep water when you have a reading, it may be your eyes pressure which can cause this. So, at this moment, you should probably read less and make your eyes have enough time to rest. And you also should better go and see a doctor so that they can give some treatments. On the other hand, you should know that infection and irritation can also make your eyes water so much, so you'd better pay more attention to them too.
  • Matthew harris


    If your eyes water and tear when you are reading or watching television, it is probably because your eyes are dry! The excess tearing is really a response to the irritation caused by the eyes being too dry. Artificial tears are the basic treatment for dry eyes. They should be used frequently enough to keep the eyes comfortable. If you use tears only two or three times a day, then you can probably use tears that come in a bottle.


    The reason why your eyes water so much while reading is that you keep reading for a long time or your posture is not so correct. Your eyes will be harmed as your bad habit, such as lying to read a book. And of course your eyes water maybe because of the dusky light. Relax your eyes is the best choice. You can go outside to look at things far away, and have a breath of fresh air.
  • Paul Hathone


    Reading time is too long, the head can not help but lean forward, and bow too long, it will cause the eye congestion, tense neck muscles. When you are reading, the eyes cohesive miosis, and crystals protruding forward three reflections are important factors to produce visual fatigue. The eyestrain, lead eyes unconsciously tears. So, at the moment, you should take a break, making eye fatigue disappear.
  • Dawn C.


    There are some reasons for this. First of all, check your eyes, if the inside eyelids surface are redder than other people's, that will be vernal conjunctivitis. Under such circumstance, you must buy some ointment that would diminish the inflammation. It will be recovered soon. If not, your eyes must be very fatigue and tired. Check the light, if the reading light is faint, your eyes will be prone to fatigue. Your eyes may over load with much labors, it ask for relax. The tear itself has the function of relief the visual fatigue, and protect the symptom of dry eye. Hope my answer is useful to you to adopt.
  • Martin Eluwa


    Give me names of some lubricants please


    Give me names of some lubricants please

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