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Is it normal for my vision gets blurry when blinking?

When I blink, i feel my vision suddenly gets blurry. But it is very quick, my vision will recover clear. What causes that? Is it normal?
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  • Cassidy


    Yes, it is normal for your eyes to get blurry when blinking. In my opinion, maybe you're just suffering eye fatigue. Especially you are working by using computer for a long time. So at this moment, you should Try to spend less time on the computer or about every 20 minutes which is considered as the amount of time. Just look away from the computer for a minute or so. And if you still have blurry eyes, you can change your lifestyle and so that it may do a good job on your eyes.
  • marvina


    I also have such experiences. You feeling vision blur when blinking because your eyes are tired. At that time, you must excessive using of your eyes and feel eye fatigue. It is a sign that you need take good rest. To keep eye health, you shall concern your eyes and take a regular break when you work, paralytically for computer work.

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