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How to stop your contacts from bothering you?

The contact lenses cause discomfort in my eyes. Is there anything that i can do to stop it?
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  • walgreens_1


    First of all, your eyes may be too sensitive to accept foreign bodies. In this case, it takes time for your eyes to get used to contact lenses. You can choose disposable lenses with shorter time which is thinner. This can reduce your discomfort before you get used to them. Secondly, you may have dry eyes. Your eyes are so dry that contact lenses can cause eye abrasion and make you uncomfortable. If so, you need to drip artificial teardrops and cure your dry eyes before you wear contact lenses again. Ladtly, you need to be careful when choosing contact lenses. Colored contact lenses can cause more discomfort than transparent ones as they are thicker and rougher.
  • Fari Tackaberry


    You can take some measures to solve this problem. You should first check if your way of wearing contact lenses is correct. If you wear them wrongly, you should put them in your eyes in a correct way and you will feel better. The dryness in your eyes may be the cause of your discomfort. In this case, you need to buy a bottle of eye drops. Put some eye drops before you wear contact lenses. If the contact lenses give you painful sensation, then apply more eye drops to your eyes. Besides, you should take eye drops with you wherever you go during the day. If the contact lenses still bother you, you should consult your doctor immediately, for you condition may be a contact lenses irritation.
  • Jose joyce


    Well, actually, it will just make your feel terrible, if your contact lenses have discomfort on your eyes. At this moment, you can try some ways to relieve it. For example, you can just have artificial tears to relieve occasional dryness. And just follow your eye doctor's recommendations, because some eye drops are incompatible with certain kinds of contact lenses. What is more, incompatible drops can discolor and ruin lenses. And then, according to some researches, the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and other fish, as well as flaxseed oil, can improve the oily part of tear composition, which discourages tear evaporation. And in that way, it will increase the tear in your eyes. And then your discomfort can be solved. So just have a try.
  • Rebecca


    you may apply some eye drops to moisture your eyes firstly. If the contact lenses still bother you, you need to remove it and have a rest or you need to consult your eye doctor.
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