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Daniel christian


Are polarized lenses good for snowboarding?

I plan to buy a pair of snowboarding goggles. And my friend recommend me polarized lenses. Are polarized lenses really good?
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  • Caroline hill


    Yes, polarized lenses are the best choice for anyone who works or stays outdoor for a long time. In your case, you want to wear goggles for snowboarding. Polarized lenses can't be better, as they can not only protect your eyes from snow blindness, they can also remove glare and strong relection from the snowfiled. What's more, they can change color tone to replce your eyes in constant adjustion.
  • exxxtazzzy


    Well, of course, polarized lenses can be very good for your eyes. First, you need to know that polarized lenses are lenses which are uv protected, and can provide uv protection, for uv rays can be harmful to your eyes, leading to some eye cancers. So by wearing them, you can protect your eyes from uv rays and strong sunlight. On the other hand, if you buy polarized goggles, it will protect your eyes from glares too. Anyway, you can just have a try.
  • Brandon cook


    A pair of goggles with polarized lenses is essential for snowboarding, you should purchase one. The polarized lenses have the ability to reduce intense light and block the glare reflected from water, ice and snow etc. In sunny days, thus they can effectively protect your eyes and make you see clearly. However, when you snowboard in cloudy days, wearing goggles with polarized lenses will be not a good choice, for it will reduce visibility. So when you are snowboarding in that condition, you should wear goggles with light tint lenses. I recommend Oakley goggles to you, here is the website: I hope you can find your ideal goggles.

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