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Ana evelyn


Is there something wrong if my eye keeps twitching?

My eyes keep twitching in recent days. I don’t know what causes it. Is it a sign of something bad?
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  • crc32


    There are many possible causes of eye twitching including: 1.Eye fatigue. Your eyes may be so tired that they twitch to relax themsleves. 2.Stress. Recently you may be under pressure or negative emotions, and your eyes twitch automaticly as a result. 3. You may have taken in too much caffeine and alcohol. 4. Eye twitching can also be a sign of dry eyes syndrome. 5. You may be allergic to some materiel. 6. There can be a lack of certain nutritions in your diet.
  • elblancodiablo


    Well, yes, generally speaking, eye twitching can be a sign of some bad symptoms. First, there are many people who have eye twitching in their eyes, and they do not know the real reason. In common, there are some other factors which can lead to eye twitching. For example, Caffeine is one of two dietary factors which are linked to eye twitching. Of course, eye infection can be the most common one. By the way, drinking too much can be another one. At that moment, your eyes will be twitching. And also, burning eyes, red eyes can be possible too. So we can say that twitching eyes can be a sign of further eye problem, such as eye infection, pink eye. Besides, fatigue, stress and lack of sleep can also cause the eyelid to twitch.
  • Caroline bell


    At first, calm down and rest your eyes. It is normal that our eyes twitch. In general, myokymia is idiopathic because of the irritation of some stimulate substances. Eye twitching is defined that your upper eyelid muscle has an involuntary muscle spasm making you feel panic. Well, everyone can experience eye twitching due to a lack of calcium. Besides, it tends to resolve on its own so you can wait an hour or more to see if so. You can also try to improve the situation by balancing your diet, like adding some calcium rich foods. Yogurt, milk and other dairy products, almonds, flax seeds green leafy vegetables are of benefit. Nevertheless, you need to see a doctor if there are periods or relapse, I mean, your eyes twitch constantly and days when it is not present at all. You need to take the possibility of multiple sclerosis into consideration. So, knowing the exact reasons by getting some tests can assist you to care about yourself.