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Why does my eye burn when i close it?

It is so strange that my eyes feel burning when i close it. Why? How can i stop it?
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  • clam_i_am


    This occurs when you are suffering from the following eye disorders: 1. You may have eye fatigue. 2.Eyelashes may get into your eyes. The lashes sting your cornea, as you close your eyes, . 3.Something can be wrong with your eye muscle controlling the movement of your eyeballs. Therefore, as you close your eyes, the muscle stings. 4.You are possible to have dry eyes or corneal abrasion. Foreign bodies gets into your dry eyes, when there is a lack of tearfilm protecing them from being scraped.
  • walkaboutpnw


    Well, of course, you should know that there are many factors which can lead to burning eyes. For example, according to some experts, eye infection, allergies, irritation can just be the most common reasons, and that is also why your eyes will feel burning when you close your eyes. By the way, high eye pressure can be another factor too. To treat it, cold compresses can be a good way. For example, you can put some cool ice on your eyes, so that it can relieve your symptom. Also, cool tea bags and cucumber can be effective too. Besides, nutrients intake is also important. So you can just eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, which provide lots of antioxidants, which may help boost your immune system, especially vitamins A and C and then make your symptom. Anyway, just have a try.
  • Hunter jackson


    Calm down. At first, you need look at the mirror carefully to see if there is any foreign stuff in your eyes. Then really roll your eyes to see if there anything comes out of your eyes, some of which can not be irritated. If not, you may suffer eye fatigue which can be caused by being highly concentrated on something at work or at home like surfing the internet in front of your PC all day long. As a result, when you close your eyes, your eyes feel burning because of eye dryness, which due to the inefficient tears production. Now, you can apply a wash cloth with some warm water (cool the boiled water) to your eyes, and what you need to do next is to rest your eyes. Also, some lubricated drops are recommended to relax the dry eyes. But if it does not get better in 1-2 hours, you may need to see your doctor; he/she can prescribe some OTC medicine for you.

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