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My Flexon eyeglasses frame broke at nose bridge?

I have just kept this flexon eyeglasses for less than 2 years. When I was cleaning them yesterday, they snapped at the nose bridge and broke! how I can a replacement frame or weld this?
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  • Eagle Eye


    My nose bridge broke on the right side of the bridge. It left a small piece about 2mm long. It is a slightly thicker piece that looks as if the thinner wire part of the bridge might slip into then heated to seat it.
    Warranty%u2019s not without standing, my pair is about 2 years old. I wrote to the optometrist, but they did not write back, I am now in a different state from when I visited him, and my first optometrist did not reply either.
    No worry%u2019s. I tried a super glue, which did not work.
    Then I read all of the complaints about super glue%u2019s, don%u2019t use it, jewelry shops cannot weld over that, it%u2019s a mess, etc.
    I could not afford the fee to have them weld it anyway, so I moved on. I bought an epoxy, Gorilla style, but it dried with some flexibility and the right side started to tilt over until it fell off.
    In despair I tried the super glue again, but it failed again. I coated the area from the right side to about the middle trying to give a longer, stronger bond, but it did not hold.
    On the fourth day of trying, I thought that I might get a better %u201Cbridge%u201D if I wrapped some thread around the nose piece.
    I figured I might as well go for broke, so I loosened the screws which hold the lenses in place, and cleaned up the nose piece.
    I took several tooth picks and cut the ends off of two of them, one of them at an angle. These I planned to use as applicators, but since I had never done this before, I was not sure if the applicator should be a straight cut or an angled cut.
    I put a small piece of aluminum foil down in front of me and added a small pool of the super glue so I could access it easily.
    I added a drop of super glue to the broken bridge help hold it in place. But knowing that it did not hold very well before, I was very careful not to let any stress on the broken section.
    I took a piece of thin thread, about 3 feet long, that I had in my bathroom cabinet, nylon maybe, but I think now that any thread might work just as well if not better.
    I took the left side and laid out the thread to the right, leaving a few extra inches on the left. I would later use it to tie off the thread on my way back.
    I then started to wind the thread around, starting at the very edge of the nose bridge on the right. I wound and wound, around and around, until I got to the center or close to it.
    I only used my fingers to hold and manipulate the frames.
    I took one of the cut toothpicks and applied a thin coating of super glue, then I wound back to the right. When I reached the lens portion of the frame, I added another coating of the super glue with a toothpick, and wound back to the left.
    Once I reached the middle area again, I tied off the thread using those few extra inches on the left end.
    I trimmed the threads sticking out, and added a final coat of the super glue.
    It may not be pretty, but it is a very strong bond. It does not look too bad. If I were concerned with the looks of it, I would have taken the thread all of the way across to the left and back again, making the bridge all one thickness.
    One has to really stare to see that the bridge is slightly thicker on the right side of my nose piece.
    I am wearing my glasses now, and I will soon make an appointment with a new local optometrist for a new pair of glasses.
    This is a temporary fix, but I know that this eyeglass repair will hold for months if not years should I need it to be so.
  • walksonthabeach


    I have the same problem with you. They just snapped at the nose bridge. That material can't be welded or fixed in any way. Most retailers provide 2 years warranty for flexon frames. If you can show proof of purchase and that your frames are less than two years then they will assist you.
  • Eustache Dauger


    I guess I'm around 3 years too late but I have the answer to your question. After 4 years, my glasses broke at the bridge earlier today. I straitened a paper clip and twisted in tight concentric circles around one side of the bride. After making several loops, I wiggled some of the circles off the bridge and inserted the other side of the bridge in the gap. I then continued to wrap wire across to the other side of the bridge until I reached the end of the paper clip wire. The glasses are still extremely flexible and do not look strange because the wrap of the wire is almost ubiquitous. I hope this helps someone in the future.
  • Christopher dale


    Usually the supplier will give a 2 year warranty to the retail shop where you bought them. So you can take your broken glasses back to your optician and he or she will replace them for you without charging you.
  • Caleb murphy


    If your broken glasses are bought online, you can go to find the website of the store and contact them directly. Maybe you have to show the evidence to prove that you have got the frames from them. I think they will replace for you if it is something wrong with the quility.
  • Ariana oliver


    If your flexon eyeglasses is still under guarantee, you should take it back for replacement or compensation. You will probably need some kind of evidence (like a sales reciept or something) to prove when you got the frames. Its worth a try.
  • anthony mascolo


    are flexon eye glass frames guranteed not to break if they are never bent?

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