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Heather Kirk


How to look more feminine in ladies glasses?

I am a 20 year old girl and my mother said I was too bolish. I often wear glasses. How can I look more feminine in ladies glasses?
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  • fergus


    To be more feminine is not just about the looks of the glasses you wear, it's the way how you carry yourself. You can try some comfortable, stylish, good-fitting feminine clothing which may make you look more feminine. What's more, you can apply a little makeup to add a sense of mature to your look. For example, thin your eyebrows to shape them when needed. Apply blush and lipgloss properly, which may help you look feminine in ladies glasses. Do not use eyeliner because you have already worn ladies glasses to draw attention to your eyes.
  • Sara scott


    A pair of ladies glasses can help you loo more feminine but not enough. In detail, you can try a pair of big tortoise shell glasses frames that can enhance your look. Besides, cat eye style eyeglasses is an indispensable items for feminine look. What's more, you shall wear proper clothes, skirt for a feminine look. For example a tight black shirt must make you look sexy.