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Do glasses make people look more mature?

I am already 25 year old but people always mistake me for a young student. I am thinking to get glasses. Will they make people look more mature?
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  • Sybil


    Maybe. It depends on what type of glasses you choose. Some kinds of eyeglasses do make people look mature. While some types of glasses make people look younger. No matter what they will make you look mature or not, you should choose one that can show your personality well. If you want to choose glasses that can make you look mature, try thin metal frames or frameless glasses to see whether they look good on you.
  • Zachary


    Yes, wearing eyeglasses can make you look more mature if you wearing the proper eyeglasses frames. For men, a pair of black framed eyeglasses or metal framed eyeglasses are good choices for a mature look. Besides, you shall also wear clothes properly in a man way so as to make you look mature. What the most important thing is your temperament that to make you look mature.