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What are the most durable frames for glasses?

I am looking for the most durable glasses frames for my kids because they have already broken two pairs of glasses frames. Any suggestion?
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  • Caitlin lee


    Durable frames for glasses can be titanium frames, memory plastic frames, memory metal frames. These kinds of glasses frames are very lightweight, strong, durable, flexible and break-resistant. They can be twisted and blended without breaking the frames. What's more, they can return to its original shape after being twisted, bended. These glasses frames are hypo-allergenic and corrosion resistant, thus they are safe to wearers because they won't react with the skin.
  • Richard M Fawcett


    When it refers to durable frames for glasses to children, you can choose titanium glasses frames, memory plastic glasses frames that are very light weight, impact resistant. And eyeglasses framed made of titanium and memory materials can be bendable and twisted and it will return to its original shape (at least 98% of their original shape). So, they are good choice for eyeglasses to kids.
  • Rebecca


    Regarding to the most durable eyeglasses frame, titanium eyeglasses frame, memory plastic and memory metal eyeglasses frame come into my mind. The frames made of these materials are lightweight, durable and impact resistant.
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