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Logan hall


Can stress cause glaucoma?

Is it possible to get glaucoma from stress? Why or why not?
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  • Connor


    Well, yes stress can lead to glaucoma. Generally speaking, glaucoma is a serious eye disease, which can lead to blindness. And for the causes, according to some researches, stress, alcohol intake, and other factors can be possible. And when it occurs, eye pain, haloes seen around lights, headaches, nausea, dilated pupils, and redness in the eyes may occur because of glaucoma. What is more, blindness can be possible. So just be careful about stress. For the treatments, you of course need to have relaxing life. And also, you can take daily supplements of eyebright.
  • Beth


    Yes. Glaucoma is the leading cause nowadays to blindness. It is the imbalance of the aqueous humor produced in eyes and the amount drained away. Stress, fatigue, gluttony, emotion fluctuation, or improper diet might stimulate the nervous regulation center of vascular and dysfunction the vasomotion, which will result in the imbalance of aqueous homor production and drainage. So the intraocular pressure will increase sharply, leading to glaucoma. The great pressure in eyes would kill optic nerves, which lead to vision impairment or vision loss finally. To prevent it, we should live a healthy life away from caffeine and smoking. Keep relax and happy mood would help too.
  • cook


    Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged in a characteristic pattern. And it is easy to damage vision in eyes permanently. They are many causes of glaucoma, such as retinal detachment, eye inflammations and eye tumors. While stress also one of these causes. I know it sounds weird, but the truth is that a high level of stress in one's life is the major cause of chronic glaucoma. Stress causes us to breathe shallowly and reduces the number of oxygen in the bloodstream. Then there is on enough oxygen which enters brain, next our brains cannot give a clear order or keep fresh, and finally our eye abilities begin to be affected and pressure in eyes increases gradually. Scientists said that no any studies have clearly shown how optic nerve to command eye movements. But at least we got known that stress has a bad effect on glaucoma. Warm tips: discuss with a doctor to get right way and proper medical treatments.

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