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Why are my eyes so sensitive to sunlight?

My eyes are sensitive to sunlight. Why? Is it a sign of some eye diseases?
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    Staying in the dark room for a long time, your eyes will become very sensitive to sunlight, but that situation will change after several minutes when your eyes adjust it. While, some eye diseases also can cause your eyes be sensitive to sunlight, such as allergies. Tell your doctor about this situation to check out the causes of your eyes sensitive to sunlight.
  • Andrea


    It is unnormal for your eyes get sensitive to light. It is in all probability a sign of eye disease. Many a eye disease can result in light sensitivity. Common eye diseases that cause light sensitivity include acute glaucoma, albinism, a herpes infection of the eyes, cataracts, corneal injuries and so on. But on some occasion your eyes may be sensitive to light just as a result of migraines and some other headache problems. Don't worry about it too much. Go to see a eye doctor to find the underlying cause and get it treated. Good luck.
  • Sherri H


    Generally speaking, eyes are sensitive to sunlight mean that something wrong with your eyes. So you'd better make sure what causes of your conditions are. Firstly, ask your family and find out whether any inheritance eye problems you’ve gotten. Secondly, make clear that your eyes are okay or not. Thirdly, get much information about eye health. Here I can give you some explanations. Eyes are sensitive to light is the basic and common symptom for eye problems. For instance, photophobia (afraid of light) has a prominent and basic symptom is sensitive to light. Pink eyes and red eyes are also sensitive to light. And as for most people, when eyes are sensitive, it means that your eyes may feel uncomfortable during facing with strong light and hot wind. You must pay attention to your eye health, especially when sensitive occurs. These kinds of eye problems are much complex than others. You need to visit an oculist and get detail exam in order to receive a safe and reasonable heal ways.
  • Zoe


    Eye sensitivity to sunlight is a common problem experienced by many individuals. It is especially common in those with light colored eyes, as the lack of dark pigment allows more light to enter the eye and striking the retina. It sounds like this eye sensitivity is a fairly new problem for you. For this reason, I think it is important to get your eyes evaluated by an eye doctor. Any new or changing eye symptom needs to be checked out right away. Although it is possible that some of the change is due to common age, there are a number of eye conditions that can cause light sensitivity that will need to be ruled out. For example, on inflammation inside the inner structures of the eye, such as uveitis, can cause increased light sensitivity. This and similar conditions can be diagnosed by your doctor when they look inside your eye with a microscope, which is part of the regular eye exam. Similarly, there are numerous prescription medications that might cause increased light sensitivity, and your doctor will want to review your list of medications to see if one of them might be the culprit.
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