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Does it matter if I mixing up contact lenses?

I took my contact lenses out of my eyes tonight and cleaned them, then I put the right contact in the left container, and then put the right contact in the left container, so they were both floating around and I realized there were two. I quickly scooped one out and put it in the right side. I have Night & Day Contact lenses, and my prescription is the same on both sides (-.150) Or something, will it make any difference?
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  • Jack


    Since you have same prescription in both eyes, it doesn't matter if you mix up your contact lenses. You may find your right contact lens unsuitable for your left eye, but it won't cause damage to your vision.
  • crazyuglycoyote


    Maybe the size of your left contact lens won't fit your right eye well, but you can still see clearly with them because they have same prescription. In this case, it doesn't matter if you mix up your contact lenses.
  • Andrew bell


    It doesn't matter if they are the same prescription. If you have different prescription in both eyes, you can try both of the contact lenses in one eye and see with which you can see better. Eyes are very sensitive and if you wear the wrong prescription, they will feel uncomfortable.
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