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Why does norman reedus always wear sunglasses?

I noticed that norman reedus often wear sunglasses. Do you know why?
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  • b1g_head


    I think norman reedus often wear the sunglasses just for looks. As we know, the sunglasses will not only be used to protect the eyes from the uv rays and bad lights but also make you look cool and handsome. A lot of people now wear the sunglasses to make their look seem cool. That is the role of the accessory.
  • walgreensunder


    Well, it seems that norman reedus attracts you a lot. Personally, he is quite a handsome American actor. Anyway, he would like to wear different types of sunglasses on a regular basis. So, as you can see, what he likes the most is called oversized black sunglasses, which could make him appear quite attractive and they are perfect for him. You could see lots of those oversized black sunglasses at Amazon, which is a good option for you.Here is a link for you, hope you enjoy.

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