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Samuel rodney


Has anyone tried them and what depth of tint did they get for indoor and outdoor glasses?

I need some advice. I have blepharospasm,cervical dystonia and dry eyes as well as blepharitis.i need to get my eyes tested soon to update my the moment i have varifocal glasses and the same prescription in an ordinary darkish tinted lens for sunglasses. I have read that FL41 lens are a good option and i know that Norville provides them. Has anyone tried them and what depth of tint did they get for indoor and outdoor glasses? i want to get as much information as possible before going to get an eye test.i have found that opticians etc are not very konwledgable about blepharaspasm.
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  • Logan quick


    My partner, Iris, has been diagnosed as being a Blepharospasm sufferer, some days her eyes are closed for much of the time and some days she is not quite so bad. Iris has been treated using Botox injections by an Ophthalmologist on three occasions and once by a Neurologist without any great success, she is due to have another session of injections later this month. Through an independent optician we have obtained some distance glasses with FL41 tinted lenses supplied by Norville, the tint is a rosey red/pink. We then posted these off to John Lundie who fitted the glasses with Lundie Loops. The FL41 tint does not seem to have made any difference but the Lundie Loops have enabled her to watch TV more comfortably than before. The glasses were posted off to John Lundie on a Friday and we received them back with the loops fitted on the following Monday, wonderful service by John Lundie. John charged us £40 for this including postage whereas Boots Opticians wanted to charge £125 for the same thing. Iris is not able to walk outside because after about 5 minutes her eyes close and she is unable to continue, she also finds that sitting in the front passenger seat of the car has the same effect so travels in the back and even then this isn't always successful.
  • walgreensunder


    JaneH is right. It is a minefield. I have two sets of glasses, both supposed to be FL41 supplied by my local optician via Norville. They are both quite different to each other. One is quite pink which has the effect of making things appear much brighter. Having very light sensitive eyes now as a result of the BEB I cannot get on with them. The other pair are an orange /brown and I find these work well for me. As JaneH says they also hide the eyes a wee bit. I also use Lundie Loops which I must admit I am very consciose of people looking at. They are brilliant for me though as I have Apraxia and cannot seem to cope without them. My eyes just close and the job stops as they say. Like JaneH my optician has taken a great interest in my case and one of the staff used me as a case study for her exams. Glasses were no cheaper though. I am currently in the process of getting new ones and it will be interesting to see what arrives. JaneH is right, the American web site is a mine of information on what is and what is not FL41 but at the end of the day we are all different and what does for one may not do for another.