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Vanessa edward


Why the eyeglasses of mine are not proportional with my face shape?

Two weeks ago i started wearing prescription eyeglasses because i am nearsighted. I didn’t have much time choosing the frames so i grabbed the frist ones i saw. Anyway what bothers me is that i think they are not proportional with my face and the space between the cheeks and the frames is too big.there is a photo attached.i will be glad for any feedback.
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  • Adam peters


    Yes those frames are a little big for you,as a rule of thumb never buy frames similarly shaped to your face.if you have a round face do not buy round glasses,ect.I think for you a smaller. rounder frame would look nice.
  • eatmyhartout


    It seems that the glasses are not fit your face shape well, i advice you to go to the local glasses store, you totally can try on different kinds of them, choose the most suitable ones to purchase. Good luck.
  • ct_exposed


    Actually, when you choose a pair of eyeglasses online. There are size reference of each pair at the product page. However, you should know which size is most suitable for your face shape. As I see that your face is a little bit narrow, so you need to choose the frame with small size. If you not a new eyeglasses wearer, you can take a reference to your old pairs. Now, what you need to do is to contact the customer service to see whether it can be returned and pick another pair. Hope this helpful.