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What's better for eyes health? Plasma TV's or LCD TV's?

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  • Makayla


    As far as quality, to a discerning eye, the picture in an LCD might be better than a plasma, but I think the plasma's outputting a 1080p signal look pretty good next to an LCD. Plasma's use two glass screens with the gas sandwiched between them, so you'll get glare from other light sources. So if you have lots of lamps or lots of windows with no shades, LCD might be the better way to go. The black levels on a plasma are going to be better than on an LCD, because instead of blocking the back light to get the color black like on an LCD, plasma's simply cut the power to the area of the screen that's showing black, so you get a much truer black
  • Alexandria taylor


    LCD TV will brings more harm to people's eyes than Plasma TV, because plasma is active. The brightness of LCD is significantly higher than that of Plasma. A long time for watching a larger screen with high brightness will cause eye fatigue, which has a great influence on the vision for a long time. Relatively, the Plasma are of gentle bright, which cause harms less than that of LCD. Hope this helpful.
  • J Bell


    I did not know this question before. However, recently, my husband bought a TV and he had made a intense research on it. He told me that Plasma TV is more healthier to our eyes than LCD, because the light of Plasma TV is not that bright enough to harm our eyes. However, LCD TV also has its advantages.