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Do you have any suggestion how to keep faces from freezing with glasses while taking photos in cold nights?

We'll probably be out there taking photos when the temperature is -25C or colder. I have a balaclava to keep my face from getting too cold. But there is a problem: the balaclava directs my warm breath upwards to my eye glasses, causing the glasses to fog and making it impossible to operate a camera or even to see the sky clearly.I don't wear contact lenses and definitely need my prescription eye glasses to see.
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  • Brooke


    I found that I had to concentrate to put my mouth in such a way my breath was directed downward (combined with a mask or scarf that keep an open space below the chin so the breath can espace and not be reflected upward.); some for nose opening...
  • Cammie


    There are anti-fogging sprays you can buy that may help, although I have to admit, I've not had great luck with them.