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Do or can glasses and contacts make vision worse than without?

It seems like they would cause the eyes to become dependent on the glasses or contacts and then worsen. It this completely false? I had horrible vision on an eye exam, but I can still read, drive, and see good enough, not great, and I have never worn glasses or contacts.
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  • Nadine


    I wonder about this too! I had perfect vision until my early 40s when I noticed that when reading the daily paper I had to hold it a certain distance from my eyes else the words blurred a bit. I went to an optician and he gave me a pair of +0.5 glasses which he said was the minimum. I only used them for reading but in the main didn't use them much. Then about 4 or 5 years later, I realised I could no longer read without glasses. Long story short, I got variofocals from my optician about 2 years ago, and since them my eyes have deteriorated to the point when I can't see without them. If someone wakes me by phoning me, I can't read their number until I have put my glasses on. I can no longer see not just a distant horizon, but things in front of me are a little out of focus even while wearing glasses. My eyes seem to be getting worse daily. I struggle to read - I need really good light and strong readng glasses to read by.
  • Ryan evelyn


    You vision only seems worse because of the contrast. When your visions is constantly bad you notice it less than when it is sometimes corrected and sometimes bad.
  • Nana


    I think that all depends - in my son's case, he has a severe nystagmus (his eye flutters left to right constantly because of a hole in his pupil, parts of his eye, etc). So if he is refracted and wears glasses, looking through the refraction helps him temporarily yet over the course of hours, that extra focusing tires his eye and decreases his vision.It is said as well that by wearing glasses, you teach your eyes to be lazier meaning that they have a harder time focusing on the same material once you take them off. But the argument also stands that without glasses, headaches, eye strain and fatigue are huge factors - I prefer to wear the blasted glasses!