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Will small frame glasses look good on a small round face?

I have really small face and it is round. I wonder if the small frame glasses will look good on me. And which color should I go for? I have brown eyes and hair.
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    Small frame glasses is good for people with small face because large frame glasses would almost cover half of your face and make you look absurd. As for the color, you can wear white or silver. But it has much to do with your complexion.
  • crystal_jade13


    Since you have small face, small frame glasses will look good on you. Otherwise the large frame glasses would make your face even smaller. Square or oval frames will fit your round face properly. What's more, to match your brown eyes and hair, you can choose black,brown,blue or gun metal color for your glasses.
  • hall


    If you have small round face, you can choose the small rectangle frame glasses. But if you have a big forehead, it would probably not suit you very well. You can go to your nearby optical store and try different types of glasses to find the most suitable one.

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