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Aaron lewis


Is laser treatment supposed to cure my astigmatism?

I had laser treatment that should have cured my astigmatism; It does make my vision much better but I find myself still squint a little. Does this mean the treatment is unsuccessful?
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  • Bob Witek


    The lasik surgery is performed on the surface of cornea and it will take several months for the eyes to get completely recovered. Some people with astigmatism may still squint a little during this time. You don't need to worry a lot. Pay much attention to your eye health after surgery and have eyes rechecked regularly.
  • Cameron


    Refractive laser treatment does not always correct your vision completely. Some people still don't have perfect vision even if they have laser sugery. There is a small residual prescription after surgery. If you can't tolerate it, you can wear glasses for occasional use.
  • cha0s_engel


    Laser treatment can successfully correct astigmatism. However, refractive laser treatment do not always correct your vision to perfect. It is normal to have a small residual prescription left. Since you just squint a little, I think you can tolerate it. If it can't be tolerated, you can wear glasses.

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