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Kelly gary


How much does an eye exam cost at visionworks?

Have you ever got eye exam at visionworks? How much should I pay for it if i want to get an eyes exam there?
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    I heard that it depends on the exam. One of my friend said that he thought it may need rom 51-100 bucks. But he actually at o Visionwork costs $39. But they provide good services. Their doctor was really pleasant and explained everything. From this point, it seems worthy to spend so many money on it. Anyway, you should try yourself to know if it worthy to get eye exam here.
  • Michelle


    Actually, it depends on where you live, prices may be lower than that or even much higher. The cheapest eye exam is $29 at Visionworks, found in Knoxville, Tennessee and $45 at the same optical store found in King of Prussia, PA. Personally, I think it costs anywhere from 51-100 bucks but if you go to Visionwork's website there is a coupon for a 29 dollar eye exam plus other coupons for eyeglasses. Hope this helps:)
  • Bernadette Korey


    It depends on the exam. The price of eye test is anywhere from 51-100 bucks, but it is around $60. may be it costs a lot, but many people manage to pay for it. Because it offers a good and professional eye exam service. Most doctors inside or next to Visionworks are independent and own their own practice. Doctors in some locations may be employed by Visionworks. If you want to know more about it, you can research the website and
  • Brittany dale


    The price of eye exam at visionworks may cost you at least $10. However, there may be some discount activities at visionworks sometimes. For example, if you plan to buy the pair of eyeglasses at visionworks, the eye exam is free. You can call their sale department and ask for the detailed information.
  • walkinalone


    Dear friend, it is said that most doctors inside or next to visionworks are independent. They can decide the charge standard according to which service you choose. But some doctors are employed by visionworks. So you may need to ask the doctors by yourself. It cost me about $50 to get an eye exam at visionworks last time.
  • Brandon evelyn


    Usually it will cost you about $40-$60 to get an eye exam at visionworks. I think it is quite a lot of money. So I'd like to share this information with you to help you save your money. According to what the American Optometric Association published, we can follow the guideline to have our eyes checked by an eye doctor at visionworks. As to a newborn baby, you may need to take it to have an eye exam by 6 months of age. As to a child who is between the ages of 2-5 years old, you may need to take him or her to have an eye exam at the age of 3 years old. As to a person who is between the ages of 5-19 years old, he or she may need an eye exam in each year. As to a person who is between the ages of 19-60 years old, he or she may need to have an eye exam every one or two years. As to the senior citizens who are beyond 61 years old, he or she may need to have an eye exam every year.
  • Joseph



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