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Where can i get sunglasses like edward cullen sunglasses in twilight?

The sunglasses that Edward Cullen wears from the movie "Twilight" is awesome. Can you tell me where can I find them?
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    Wow, that sounds great. Firstly, you gotta understand what he wore in the movie are very costly, you have to prepare a big budget for what you want, ok? Once you have enough money, you may search for the one you want on the Internet, typically, they wouldn`t be too hard to be found. In the end, visit some online websites like Amazon and Ebay to see if they are still available. Hope you find your favorite glasses.
  • Sue Livingston


    I also think the sunglasses edward cullen wears are awesome in the movie of twilight. However, do you know the exact brand and the type of the sunglasses he wears? If not, that is OK. You can go to the Walmart to have a search because there are many types. You can find the similar type and wear your own personality. Hah, hope you find that type.

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