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Jordan Brown


How much is an eye exam at pearle vision?

Is there anyone who took an eye exam at pearle vision before? How much does it cost? Is it expensive?
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  • Jacqueline hall


    I hear my friend says that Pearl Vision often over charge for an eye exam. but i don't know is that true because i never get eye exam there. I think you can go Walmart Vision Center. their charges of eye exam are affordable and don't try to over change like Pearl Vision does. Usually, an eye exam at Walmart Vision Center is about $55. Good luck.
  • Sharon Field


    I have just had the eye exam from the specsavers, paying for free because I take part in the discount activity of buying a type of eyeglasses. I don't know whether the pearle vision also has the discount activity. You may call their store and ask the exact price now. If you don't know the number, you can go to the internet and have a search.