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Does dehydration affect my eyesight?

Every time when i put eyedrop in my eyes, i feel i can see better. But my eyes go a bit blurred again after a while. I think i may be dehydrated, right? Does dehydration affect my eyesight?
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  • Wendy


    Yes. Dehydration will cause the eyes to dry and stop producing tears. According to the website I cited, dry eyes are one cause of blurred vision. It causes dizziness which results seeing blur, couple of images of a single object, shorter or longer focus length of eyesight etc.
  • Christian george


    Yes, it would affect eye vision. It's known that about 75% of our body's weight is made up of water. Most of the water is found within the cells of our body, and the rest is found in the extracellular space, and water is cycling with oxygen that can make all our organs to breathe, including eyes. Dehydration happens when the amount of water leaving our body is faster than the amount is entering. It would make the vessel blood pass our eyes faster without much fresh oxygen, thus it could cause blurry eyes.
  • edward


    Yes, indeed, because there are some substance in the eye drops that would be able to harm your vision if you overuse eye drops, and your eyes would be dehydrated if things get worse. So, that is the reason why we limit the use of eye drops. If you don't find it necessary to use, then put it aside. Maybe enough rest, healthy diet and eye exercise would be enough to keep your eyes healthy!
  • ellochkablecy


    Yes, obviously dehydration can affect your eyesight. As you have described in your question, you think you may get the dehydration. But in my opinion, the first thing you should do is to make sure whether you have get dehydration or not. Only in this way can you have a good treatment on your eyes. As we know that the common sign of dehydration is that your body is thirst. And it can be your eyes. For this situation, it will damage your eyes' organs so that your eyes can not work in normal way, finally, it can affect your vision. So just like what I have said, you should see a doctor first and make sure what happens to your eyes. The doctor will tell you what to do.
  • hall


    Your eyes feel dry may be related with your long work before the computers or the high stress these days, not only dehydration. However, if you have the dehydration, the immune system may get decreased which indirectly affect the density of eyes. The excretion of tear glands may get slow. Thus, the eyes may feel dry.
  • b1ggy_13


    It's true. If you are going through a spell where your contact lenses are struggling to stay in place or are no longer comfortable because your eyes are so dry, a good question to stop and ask yourself is if you are getting enough fluids.When you are dehydrated your eyes also lose the ability to make tears. It's fairly obvious that your eyes need to use your body's moisture in order to cry. But, it's not just your inability to respond appropriately to that sad movie that is impacted when tears can't be produced. You need your tear ducts to work properly to help you clear out your eyes from any debris, mucus, or dirt specs floating in the air that accidentally find there way into your eyes. Tears wash away the foreign objects in order to keep your eyeballs nice and clean.

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