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Brian Clem


Can cod liver oil improve eyesight?

Does cod liver oil really improve eyesight? How can liver oil help eyesight?
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  • Christopher


    Yes, cod liver oil will really improve eyesight. The cod liver oil has a lot of nutrition which will be good for both your health and your eyes. Your eyes will be absorbed by the nutrition. The vitamin A of cod liver oil can promote visual cells, photosensitive pigment formation and so on. The eyes will get adapted to the outside environment which will own the strength of the light ability. In order to reduce the occurrence of night blindness and visual impairment, it should maintain normal visual response. The vitamin D of the cod liver oil will help promote the body's absorption of calcium. The lack of vitamin D in infants and young children can cause rickets. The adults lacking of vitamin D will cause bone osteomalacia. You should use the cod liver oil to improve your night sight. It really works. At the same time, it is healthy for your body.
  • Jack percy


    Cod liver oil is full of vitamin A and D, they can help you to enhance your eyesight. However, you can't rely on that. So, you need to to massage your eyes every day. Take a break after you reading more than one hour. Look out side, but you need to focus on the skill. Firstly, focus on a furthest point for a while then look at a closet point swiftly. This action can make your eyesight improved a lot.