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Jessica Stevenson


Does milk help red eyes ?

I heard that milk can help red eyes. Is this true? How can milk help red eyes?
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  • evil_lanruoj


    Well, yes, milk can be helpful to treat red eyes. Generally speaking, as we know that milk is a kind of healthy food milk, which is used in many ways. And according to some experts, we can also use it to protect our eyes, especially for red eyes. For example, you can just get a soft cloth with cool milk, and then put the cloth under your eyes. In that way, it will be effective. For red eyes, it can caused by irritants, so you can have some cold compresses, and put some cool ice or cool cucumbers on your eyes. In that way, it can relieve your symptom and make you feel well. Also, you need to pay more attention to some dirty objects, so that it will not make your eyes’ situation more serious. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Sally


    Yes, milk will help your red eyes because of the nutritious materials. At the same time, the milk will moisture your eyes. In order to get rid of your red eyes, you could also use the eye drops to release the symptom. The milk will help you with your sound sleep which will be so beneficial for your eyes.
  • Catherine


    There is no evidence that the milk will help to relieve your red eyes. In some extent, it will just sooth the eyes and it will be better to use an off-the-shelf eyedrop , as milk is slightly acidic. Many reasons will cause your red eyes. So it is better to see the doctor and check your illness.

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