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How Diabetes influence our eyes?

i have heard that people with diabetes are more likely to have eye and vision problems. I wonder how diabetes influence our eyes?
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  • gerard


    Diabetes can affect your eye in a number of ways: The most serious eye condition associated with diabetes involves the network of blood vessels supplying the retina. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy. The unusual changes in blood sugar levels resulting from diabetes can affect the lens inside the eye, especially when diabetes is uncontrolled. This can result in blurring of vision which comes and goes over the day, depending on your blood sugar levels. A longer term effect of diabetes is that the lens of your eye can go cloudy, This is called a cataract.
  • Andrea warren


    People with diabetes will eventually develop retinopathy which is a disease of the blood vessels of the retina. People who have had diabetes for a long time have more chance to develop diabetic retinopathy.

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