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Does botox work lines under eyes?

I noticed there are lines under my eyes. I know that botox can work for wrinkles. So, does botox work lines under eyes?
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  • Ariana kirk


    Ok, it seems that you are troubled by those annoying lines under eyes, which could definitely affect your looks and confidence. Anyway, as you can see, botox has been applied to make us appear younger through eliminating or removing some eye wrinkles or lines under eyes, eye bags, etc. However, you should know that their side effects are also noticeable. So you have to consult a cosmetic doctor before making any further decisions.
  • camzron


    Well, generally speaking, according to some experts, Botox only works half of the time for dynamic lines under the eyes, but when it works, it is very nice. And by the way, fillers such a restylane, can work well for the stationary lines under the eyes. Also, you can use sunscreen which can be effective too. For example, you can just use a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide or titanium. Besides, using an exfoliating lotion can also help get rid of lines more quickly. So you can just have a try.
  • Cary Green


    Yes, the botox can work lines under eyes because of the inner stimulating nutritious material although it can be regarded as the toxin. There are a lot of women getting the botox to make the skin become smooth. Your eyes wrinkles problems can be smoothed. In addition, you will look young at the whole look after the botox injection.