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Randy C


Can I get a black eye from sneezing?

Is it possible to get black eyes because of sneezing? I know the question is strange. But i just want to know.
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  • Alexia


    It is really strange for you to get black eyes because of sneezing because it is rare to happen. However, the nose and eye nerves are interlinked. When you have the strong sneeze, your eye nerves may get affected. The fluctuating eye nerves might cause the black eyes. Thus, it still exist the possibility. You should protect the eyes carefully which are the most important part of the body.
  • eomer_byrom


    Well, I quite understand you that you are worried about the risk of getting black eyes by sneezing. According to some cases, sneezing, if intensive, could lead to black eyes, or swollen eyes, but generally speaking, we wouldn't get black eyes through a couple of sneeze right? The key to fixing black eyes is proper sleep and vitamins. If anything wrong happens, just try to see a doctor.

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