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Should you wear eyeliner with glasses?

I just wonder if i need wear eye marks like using eyeliner when i wear glasses. I mean the eyeglasses will cover my eyes, is it necessary to draw eyeliner as we do without eyeglasses?
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  • charger101


    All right, from what you said, I can see that you want to apply eye makeups, but you worried that glasses would cover those eyeliner. Anyway, it is true that some glasses would affect our looks, especially for girls. However, you also have to make up your eyes since it inevitably will beautify your looks and confidence. If possible, just try to get a pair of contact lenses, which would set you free from those annoying frames.
  • Shavonda D


    I think eyeliner is more necessary as you wear eyeglasses than without it. Eyeliner will magnify eyes behind glasses, especially for nearsighted glasses, because the lens for nearsightedness can make your eyes smaller. But do not try dramatic smoky eyes, that makes your eyes worse. Remember, less is more. Focus on foundation and blush to get your skin looking polished. A bright lip can bright your skin as you wear black or brown glasses.
  • J Bell


    Yes, it is necessary for you to draw the eyeliner as you do without eyeglasses. However, even if you wear the eyeglasses, you could wear the eye liner which will make your eyes look attractive and charming. The most important thing is that it can make your eyes become big. You could spend some time to wear the eye marks by using eyeliner.