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Can I wear soft colored contact lenses with mild eye allergy ?

I have mild eye allergy and it gives me a dry-eye sensation and sometimes a foreign body sensation. I would feel better when I use some artificial tears. Can I try the soft coloured contact lenses?
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  • hill


    Of course you can. You try the soft coloured contact lenses. And you can take some artificial tears with you so that you can use them when you get dry eye with the soft coloured contact lenses. It will work fine.
  • Erin jackson


    It is not suggested to wear colored contacts when you get an eye allergy. It is too risky. For safe reason, you should wait until the eye allergy is completely removed.
  • Rebecca


    It is a common question for ophthalmologists and optometrists asked by patients who have mild symptoms of allergies, but would like to be able to wear contact lenses. There are usually options available for people who would like to avoid the visibility of constantly wearing glasses. Some of these options include the excellent and non-sedating anti-histamine medications that can control mild allergies for many people. Many of these medications are even available over the counter, such as the generic versions of cetirizine or loratadine. Other options are also available that can be more targeted to symptoms of the eyes, some of which do require prescriptions. In any case, however, the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor to find out which options are right for you. He or she will help you be able to achieve the results that you want. An eye doctor, ophthalmologist or optometrist will best be able to help you get the answer that you need. Please speak with your doctor about your question, and good luck!
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