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Does bilberry help dry eyes?

My eyes often feel dry. Can i use bilberry to help it? Does it work?
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  • Desiree


    Bilberry contains lots of elements which can reduce the inflammation and infection, it can cure lots of illness, such as scurvy, urinary tract infections and digestive problems. It can also protect and enhance eye vision. The research shows that bilberries and their extract can also improve daytime and night time vision, as well as prevent or help particular eye conditions. You can put bilberry essential oil into a humidifier, then stay at the moist environment for a while, then the dryness will disappear.
  • Elvis Presley


    The answer is obviously yes. Bilberry can really work for dry eyes. Generally speaking, the essential reason why give rise to dry eyes is vitamin deficiencies. The bilberry can supply the vitamins which you need. What's more, bilberry juice is one of the best ways to relief the symptom because you body can absorb the antioxidant agents through the bloodstream easily when you use bilberry juice. For example, you can use bilberry in pies, tarts, jams and preserves. As long as you can insist on using bilberry everyday, you will surely see the change before long.
  • b0ycrazzy


    Bilberry, a shrub closely related to the American blueberry, provides nutrients that nourish the eyes, improve vision and prevent damage to the structure of the eye. Dry eyes can be caused by various reasons, for instance fatigue and reading too much, or some basic eye drops. is a good website which offers so much information about eyes. It has said that bilerry does really good to bilberry.

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