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Does cucumber help red eyes?

I know that cucumber is good to treat eyes such as dark eye circles. So, I wonder if it is also help to treat red eyes?
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  • handsomestudgw


    Red eyes are often caused by eye infections and bacteria infection. So something has a function to kill bacteria and virtues can help with red eyes. Red eye also makes people feel pain, itchy, burning in eyes. Cucumber cannot work for red eyes. Cucumber contains high vitamins and has a great effect on reducing puffiness and dark circles under eyes. Well, the best way to treat your red eye is see a doctor and take some medicines from him/her. Before that, you can drop some eye drops to reduce pain and burning in eyes. Do not scratch your eyes with dirty hands, or pink eye, even other eye disorders may occur.
  • Sean


    Cucumber is very nice food which can reduce inflammation and calm out internal thermal. It can be used as face mask and eye mask, then cure lots of problems. Dark circle under eyes can be easily cured by cucumber slice. Because cucumber slice can promote blood circulation. Cucumber slice can help people get rid of red eyes as well. Because it can refresh our eyes, tiredness disappear, then the red eyes can disappear soon or later.
  • Anna


    Yes, cucumbers also help to treat red eyes because of its healthy benefit. It is very natural too. You can just cut two pieces of cucumber and place each piece of cucumber on each of eyes. Then keep them on your eyes for about 10 minutes, which is really good for treating red eyes. Actually potatoes have the same benefit for red eyes and puffy eyes. Also there is another natural cure for red eyes and it is very simple, you just use a splash of cold water through you eyes.

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