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Lynn Sherrill


Can allergies cause under eye wrinkles?

Is it possible to lead to eye wrinkles because of eye allergies? I just want to know.
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  • crystaljade


    Yes, it is possible. Usually wrinkle occurs for aging. Yet there are some other possibilities which might cause wrinkles at a young age, including smoking, long time of UV exposure, stress, allergies and bad sleeping gesture. Actually allergies itself won't cause wrinkles, yet it causes itching and dryness of skin. Dehydration will give fine wrinkles to skin and so does rubbing your skin. To avoid wrinkles from allergies, you need to stay out of touch with allergens immediately. Get fresh air or use air purifier to reduce allergens and dusts. Humidifier can make the air more moist which could make you feel better of your skin. I hate wrinkles, so I would like to try everything to get rid of it.
  • Adam peters


    Yes, it is possible to lead to eye wrinkles because of eye allergies. Since you get eye allergies, you will feel very uncomfortable with your eyes, so you will constantly rub your eyes. While the skin around your eyes is very thin and sensitive, which will stretch your collagen, fibers and skin around your eyes. And if you keep doing this for a long time, it will lead to loose, maybe baggy, skin or wrinkles around the eyes. So remember try not to rub your eyes and remember to use eye drops, which can soothe the itching skin around your eyes. What's more, provide moisture around your eyes with a proper eye cream, which really help smooth out your existing wrinkles. Have a try and good luck!
  • Jocelyn david


    Well, it is not impossible to get wrinkles because of allergies. Allergies can easily cause eye pain, redness in eye, itchy, burning and other unwell feelings. Wrinkles have many factors, however, the basic and most prominent cause is tired. Tired and fatigue affect the blood circle very much. It can increase the burden and pressure in blood that let your skin cannot enjoy the oxygen. Also, aging is one of factors to cause wrinkles under eyes.