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Eric quick


Why are my eyes so sensitive to camera flashes?

My eyes are very sensitive to camera flashes. Why? Is it a sign of photophoby?
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  • cahekm_12b


    The causes of your condition is various. Photophobia is one of them. Photophobia is also known as sensitive to eyes. That is, you are afraid of light. Also, pink eye, glaucoma, iritis and black eye are easy to be sensitive to all lights. Under this condition, you may not only sensitive to light, but also you feel unwell for hot wind, sunshine, dust and some allergies sources.
  • Daniel gerard


    It may be sign of photophoby. However, you need to know that most people have this problem even though they have no photophoby. You may sensitive to camera flashes when you are pretty tired. When people get tired, eyes may easily get effect by any kind of strong light. And pink eyes can make our eyes sensitive of camera flashes as well. Anyway, you need to relax your eyes with massage and eye drops immediately.
  • Logan quick


    It always happens to some people who are sensitive to camera flashes, and it means nothing. As we all know that camera flashes are very strong that can cause eye uncomfortable when we take pictures. Just try avoid looking at the camera directly or you can choose turn off the flash light may help a lot.