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How to get black contact lenses without a prescription?

I want some black contact lenses, but every time I order them, they ask for the contact lenses prescription. How to get them without a prescription?
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  • Melissa duncan


    No. You can't get your contact lenses without a prescription even if you are planning to get colored contatc lenses which have no power in the lenses. You'd better go to see a doctor to have your eyes checked, which is not only used to get your prescription, but it can let you know whether you are suitable for colored contact lenses. If you are allowed to wear colored contact lenses, then you can get your black contact lenses at your doctor's office or you can order black contact lenses from any optical store with your prescription.
  • Hunter


    There are black contact lenses with non prescription and just for look. So, you just need tell the the truth that you need black contact lenses for looks. You can buy that contact lenses. You can also order it online for more affordable prices. And buying non prescription black contact lenses are much easier than buy prescription one. Good luck.
  • Winnie Philip


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